About Us

We firmly believe the photographer is one of the most important elements of your wedding – and one of the biggest wedding decisions you will make. Your photographer is with you more than anyone else on your perfect day, and is entrusted with telling your story. Your flowers will wither, your dress will be stored and forgotten, but the priceless memories captured by your photographer will last a lifetime.

We are a husband and wife team whose first love is the Lord and second love is each other. Growing up in Europe has given us a unique perspective. We value culture, people, and the intricacies of life; always striving to reveal true beauty in our art, to capture the uniqueness of our subjects, and have their personalities shine through our images.

Dan Oksnevad

Dan OksnevadDan is the founder and lead photographer of Dan Oksnevad Photography. He is a visionary with an eye for the creative. He has the ability to see the big picture in his mind, capturing your wedding as the grand event that it is.

Dan’s original inspiration was his father, who photographed the European landscape from their home in Brussels, Belgium. His passion was guided through a father-son mentorship and his technique developed through several years of formal classroom instruction.

As a photography student Dan’s work received high honors at the national level. His photography has toured New York City and been on exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, sponsored by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.

Dan’s background in fine-art photography brings technical excellence and a unique artistic vision to each wedding he photographs. Dan began his photography journey in 2001, and has been photographing weddings since 2006.

Annalise Oksnevad

Annalise OksnevadAnna is Dan’s wife, co-photographer and studio manager. Her keen attention to detail and strong sense of empathy allows her to capture the most intricate and emotional aspects of your wedding day – the perfect compliment to Dan’s big-picture approach.

Annalise is inspired by her mother, who enjoyed painting scenes of their hometown village, Sitzenkirch, in Kandern, Germany. Annalise has a strong background in art, with education in painting, photography, and digital design. She has a unique eye for detail, and enjoys capturing the intimate emotions of the wedding day.

Annalise has been photographing weddings alongside Dan since 2008. In addition to photographing every wedding with Dan, Anna plays a large role in the post-processing and design work that goes into the photographs, albums, and other products. When she is not photographing weddings she is spending time with their two sons, Tucker and Troy.